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Fulfilling Dreams  

SANTE, was established in 1996 with an aim of providing dedicated services in the field of specialty pharmaceuticals. The arduous journey was begun with the launching of a few Eyecare products. Within a very short span of time Sante introduced an impressive range of Eyecare products. The medical profession bestowed their trust and confidence on the young organization by accepting and applauding the quality and the economy that became an inseparable part of Sante's products.

Once the Eyecare division received such a warm reception and patronization from the medical community, two new divisions i.e. ENTcare and Skincare were launched in the year 1999. The objective, once again was to provide innovative products at reasonable prices in order to bring relief to the suffering masses. The ENTcare division is one of its kind in the country as no other company boasts of a dedicated ENT product line.

SANTE is proud to be certified under ISO 9001:2000 which speaks aloud about its management system that meet the international standards.

Carving a New Path  
SANTE is determined to emerge and become the first specialty truly Pakistani Multinational Company. Onwards from Pakistan and Srilanka, Sante is resolute to expand its operations internationally through collaboration with strategic partners

The near future plans of Sante includes introduction of new molecules and advanced formulations in therapeutic segments of Eyecare, ENTcare and Skincare. Once again SANTE will be the first Pakistani company to develop and market hi-tech line of products at affordable prices, bringing relief to many sufferers.

In a brief span of time SANTE has made immense progress. This is not only a matter of pride for the entire Sante family which is composed of accomplished professionals but also gives great hopes for the future which holds promise for them and for the users of the products wherever they be.